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Everyone is welcome to be Egdelisted to get the priority for a more attractive minting price, benefits of follow-up airdrops,

exclusive giveaways, and get access to the membership that can deeply exercise your governance over the community.

WL Price:0.006ETH
Public Price:0.01ETH

Humans are strangling each other until almost all the means of production are centralized by two supergroups, Tokamak and ASUKA.
After a series of energy and food crises caused by a geopolitical conflict, ASUKA lost its strength and was forced to pass Tokamak’s final Project Nexus-Sprawl.
Some underground forces that resist centralization have risen, and one of them is emerging as EDGEMANCER, who took up weapons again, to fight, live, and resurge.

Thorn Princess

Ginga Voyager

Thorn Princess
The genesis series of Edgemancer, made up of 3000 female warriors with their own unique traits. The pioneers among them built the original Edgeburg and proposed the E-DAO mechanism. Today, they are still responsible for the opinion polling and issue the decrees. On the narrow but solemn underground city square, stands the Pioneer Monument, which is to commemorate, but also to forget.
Ginga Voyager
The upcoming high-quality series following the Thorn Princess. The existence of Edgeburg will only be revealed to the one selected by E-DAO, who may be somewhere on the azure planet, or in the Near-Earth Tribes. Hope or threat, stars will witness.


Before Egde: An expert in spreading culture, building communities and brands. Top blue-chip NFT Holder, used to have a maximum of more than 8,000 PFPs in the wallet, and the holding value in one project alone exceeded 500 ETH. Also have operated two shooting game communities.
After Egde: Newsboy at Edgeburg. Inspired by retro science fiction, recently addicted to video games, likes to integrate various preferred bizarre elements to create works that are off the beaten track.


Before Egde: $500 million business builder and long-term entrepreneur, supporting disruptive businesses, innovations and ideas that benefit the world.
After Egde: No one knows his work time zone, but the latest wallet address is regularly delivered to the Edgeburg Central Post Office, usually when newsboy is frowning.


Co-Founder and Dev
Before Egde: The builder and supporter of the Web3 ecosystem in the next ten years will always grasp the lifeblood of science and technology firmly in his own hands.
After Egde: Record collectors at Edgeburg. Speak little but is proficient in a language of 0-9 and a-z, what the citizens know so far is that his cabin is a place that few one set foot on.


Co-Founder and Artist
Before Egde: A quirky artist who likes to study video games programm and personal stations, and is now fully devoted to the creation of artistic concepts for the Web 3 ecosystem.
After Egde: Over the cobwebs, the internet celebrity writer who serialized the strange stories. Joined the same game club as Ratchet, something happened, and then there comes Edgemancer, sometimes feels that he is better at typing.


Partnerships Manager
Before Egde: A super big expressor in the Defi circles in Japan and Taiwan, plays podcasts, and likes to connect more interesting souls as a coupler.
After Egde: Claims to be a bard from the Third Near-Earth Tribe, who most often says "Secrets Make a Bard Secret", but every tavern in Edgeburg has a picture of of him drunk and some smashed beer mugs.


Community Manager
Before Egde: Reddit celebrity, with his own e-sports community. NieR's old friend, recently accepted NieR's invitation due to excessive debt, and is now devoting himself to the Web 3 ecosystem.
After Egde: The only one who can translate NieR's words in 4.85 seconds in words that other people can understand. The most popular arcade game lovers in E-DAO.

Meet the team
Seak peek at artistic concept, lore and utility
Roadmap release
Recruitment of special talents
Enforcer Club
Edgelist and OG Booty
Official Discord limited opening, get drunk at booze, party dance and mysteries
Meet the 3000 Thorn Princess Collection, mint and reveal your first Edgemancer
Headshot Showcase
The first podcast episode of Edgemancer's original story start airing on Apple Podcasts
The first Edgemancer-themed music hits Spotify, guess our upcoming partnership record company and singer
Airdrop 2.0 : Mystery Booty Airdrop
Warmonger Outpost
Official Twitter unveiled
Partnership initializing
More creative peeps and influencers sharing content
Buzz Supply
Merchandise Store opens
Trade Repulsion Marbles to strengthen your Edgemancer
Airdrop 1.0 : Genesis Holder ONLY, meet the Ginga Voyager Series
Behold! The Edge-Starship
Edgemancer's original story shooting game "Edgemancer: Frontal Assault" coming
Edgemancer Game Leaderboard and E-DAO begin

Q1:What is Edgemancer?

Edgemancer is a collection of 3000 NFT that give you membership access to the Edgeburg, future drops, and the camarederies of your fellow Edgemancer, aiming to build a disruptive digital art brand and an open-minded community to welcome the hesitators looking at the edge.

Q2:What is the price?

Each Edgelisted user can mint three NFT at 0.006ETH, and the public sale price is 0.01ETH each.

Q3:Any requirements to get a prize?get an Edgemancer?

Well just make sure you are on the Egdelist (whitelist), much too entertainment and priorities to come, shh...

Q4:How to be edgelisted (be whitelisted)?

Simple, follow us on official channels and interact with us in quirky fun. Seats are limited, first come first served.

Q5:What is the mint details?

When you should know, you will know.

Q6: What intellectual property rights do the Edgemancer holder receive?

Owner of Edgemancer have full commercial art right for the NFT they own. We are also registering the trademark to protect ourselves form trademark trolls. Full details coming soon."